How To Get Hair Dye Off Laminate Flooring (4 Methods)

Have you accidentally spilled hair dye on your laminate floor and wondered how to get it off? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! This blog post will provide 4 methods for removing hair dye from laminate floors.

You can get hair Dye off laminate flooring by using a nail polisher or magic eraser. If you are quick enough, a napkin could also do the trick. Alternatively, you can use household items such as baking soda solution or vinegar to remove hair dye.

While cleaning hair dye off laminate flooring may seem daunting, it’s actually not that difficult. With a few simple household supplies, you can remove hair dye from your laminate floors and get them looking good as new. Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Why Is Red Hair Dye So Hard To Remove?

Red pigment has a higher potency than other pigments and therefore penetrates deeper into laminate flooring. The molecular weight makes it harder to clean. You need a stronger solution to clean it off your laminate floors without staining or corroding the surfaces. Additionally, it should be cleaned in phases for a better result, and we will take you through the best cleaning practices. 

How To Get Hair Dye Off Laminate Flooring 

The method used for getting rid of the dye depends on its potency (hopefully, in your case, not red hair dye) and how easy it is to clean. Some will require less strong solutions compared to others. 

Quick note: We also have some alternatives if you prefer to use a homemade remedy for this.

Step#1. Prepare cleaning solutions and materials

Having all your cleaning materials in hand before you begin cleaning will make the process easier and faster. Additionally, it requires an evaluation of the potency of the hair dye, which will help you gather the correct materials. 

Quick note: If you’ve spilled a lot, you’ll probably be going to need an absorbent mop or kitchen cloth to remove most of it. You can also use an absorbent sponge for this. 

Step#2. Pour the stain remover on the laminate flooring

In this step, pour some of the stain removers on the spots with hair dye and let it sit for a while. Some solutions have a high ammonia concentration and could leave stains or a white film on the floor, and it is vital to get one that will be gentle on your laminate floors. 

I would advise reading the manufacturer’s instructions to find these details. 

If you need a less corrosive stain remover, you can use a combination of baking soda and water or vinegar. Once poured on these hair dye spots, you can see these stains softening. 

Step#3. Light scrubbing

Now you use a kitchen rug to wipe off the stain remover. This helps you determine the stain’s potency and thus decide on the proper scrubbing items. If the stain remover has been removed, you can clean the remainder by dipping cotton balls in the solution and gently rubbing these spots. Continue this until the stains are fully removed. 

Additionally, if you have stronger stains and the cotton balls are ineffective, you can find a hand brush with light bristles. Dip it into the stain-removing solution and rub these spots gently. This step is quite reliable with red hair dyes. 

Step#4. Dry the spots with a sponge

Once stains are removed, use a highly absorbent sponge to help you remove any stain remover. You should now be able to see if the previous steps have worked and whether you require additional cleaning. If you’re pleased with the outcome, ensure there is easy airflow and that it’s properly drying. This is the best option to ensure your laminate flooring dries without stains. 

Note: These cleaning processes, although reliable, might not remove all the stains on your laminate flooring, and you might need other options. 

Method#1. Cleaning with napkins

The longer you wait to clean up hair dye stains, the more difficult it becomes. You should try using napkins or towels before using harsh chemicals such as bleach which can permanently damage your Laminate floor over time.

Method#2. Using nail polish remover

Nail polish removers are made from solutions that can easily break pigment molecules, making them an ideal option for heavy pigments like red dyes. First, pour some nail polish on the stain and let it settle for some time. After about fifteen minutes, the stain will be loose, and you can clean them off with a rug. 

Additionally, you can use a wet rug to remove any nail polish remainder before drying it off with an absorbent sponge. 

Method#3. Cleaning with a magic eraser

The Magic Eraser is a lifesaver! I use it for all sorts of things, like removing dye stains from my laminate flooring. Just rub the cloth gently on top, and voila -the stain’s gone without leaving any residue behind to difficult clean up later.”

Method#4. Using a baking soda solution or vinegar

Vinegar and baking soda solution are reliable alternatives for many who prefer weaker and laminate floor-friendly solutions. First, pour the solution onto the stains and let them rest until they begin peeling off. You can now wipe off these stains and have your floors good as new. 

Quick note: these solutions are weaker than commercial options and will thus not leave stains.

What To Do When Hair Dye Doesn’t Come Off? 

Chlorine bleach and peroxide are the best solutions for hard-to-remove stains. But ensure first that bleach can be used on your Laminate floor. These are strong and will easily break the pigments. First, pour the solution onto the stain and let it settle for a while. 

Once waited long enough, you can wipe off the stain from your floor. It’s important to remember chlorine bleaches are highly strong and can easily corrode any laminate flooring, even those that come pre-sealed, which is why you probably need to seal yours. Ensure that you use small amounts per cleaning cycle or dilute it more for easier cleaning without gloves. 

If these stains are too tough to clean, you might need to replace the segments of the laminate flooring.  


What hair dye is the hardest to remove?

Red hair dye is the hardest to remove owing to its strong potency. It sips deeper into the laminate flooring and can thus require stronger solutions and time to clean off. 

How do you get hair dye off a laminate countertop?

The simplest way is using a magic eraser or nail polish remover. You can rub the magic eraser on these spots gently, which will loosen the hair dye stains enough for you to clean easily. 

Does Magic Eraser remove hair dye?

Magic erasers are a great alternative to removing hair dye, especially if you only have small spots. It is simple to use and readily available, and you can use it before stains become strong. 

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