Which side goes up on laminate underlayment

Installing laminate flooring can be a fun and easy project, but getting the underlayment right is essential. Failing to do so, you might end up with a much bigger you might think. People often ask whether it matters which side of the underlayment goes up. This blog post will explain what factors influence which side should go up and why it matters. 

When installing laminate underlayment, the backing side should always face up whether you use a rubber underlayment or foam. Meaning the rubber and foam should face down. The silver side should be facing down when using Vapor 3-1 Silver underlayment. 

If you’ve never installed laminate underlayment before, then being cautious is totally normal. One of the most straightforward questions, such as which side of the underlayment needs to go up or down, might also turn out to be one that can have huge consequences if done incorrectly. 

Does it matter which side of the underlayment goes up?

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Yes, it does. Underlayments are designed with specific installation requirements that must be met to work correctly. Following all vendor-provided instructions about underlayment when installing laminate flooring is probably the best thing to do, as incorrect installation would void the manufacturer’s warranty. Also, using the right type of tape during the installation is equally crucial. 

Failing so might lead you into trouble later on and expensive repairs, or even worse, you’ll need to reinstall the underlayment entirely. 

Which side goes up on laminate underlayment?

Depending on the type of laminate underlayment you’re working with, knowing if your laminate flooring needs to have underlayment is the first thing you need. Then choosing and installing the best underlayment for laminate is as equally crucial. If you decide to go for rubber underlayment, the backing should be facing up, meaning the rubber side down. If you’re working with foam laminate underlayment, similar to rubber, the backing should be facing up, and the foaming side should be facing down. 

Like rubber and foam, if you choose to install Vapor 3-1 Silver underlayment, the silver side should face down, and all parts should be joined together with tape

What happens if you install the wrong side?

When the underlayment is not installed correctly, it may lead to a spongy laminate floor, or in case you wish to reuse underlayment for another project; it will not be possible anymore. This means your newly installed and beautiful floors will have dipping or soft areas when you walk on them and feel squishy because of how many air pockets there are in between each layer of material.

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