What kind of tape to use on the laminate underlayment 

When installing laminate flooring, using the proper tape is essential in order to ensure a smooth and durable surface. There are many different types of tapes on the market, so which one should you use?

The best type of tape for laminate underlayment is the specialized underlayment seam tape. However, you can also use duct tape, which can be found in almost any hardware store. 

You just started laying your laminate underlayment but realized you don’t have any tape with you. You want to use the one you have currently at home, but is this ok? Would this work? Or should you go out and buy a specialized tape specifically for laminate underlayment? 

Why do we need to tape underlayment?

Similar to the fact that laminate flooring needs underlayment,  you also need tape to join underlayment seams and repair punctures that can occur during the installation process. You would also use it to repair your underlayment in case you wish to reuse it after some time.  

Suppose underlayments are not in the correct position joined and taped together. In that case, they will eventually move or overlap and will not achieve the tightness of the desired damp screen, and ultimately, it will lead to an uneven floor later on. 

What kind of tape to use on the laminate underlayment 

The best option would be Specialized underlayment seam tape, which you can find in most hardware stores. However, you might not need to buy one if you have duct tape at home, which seems to work just as fine. 

These days, many underlayments come with a built-in lip and tape, which makes things much easier. But, they are, in most cases, also much more expensive. 

Do you tape underlayment to the floor?

No, you should not tape or glue down your underlayment. Similar to laminate flooring, underlayment is a floating material. However, it’s recommended to check the manufacturer’s installation instructions first to avoid any problems. 


You can use any type of tape as long they work, similar to duct tape. However, it’s still strongly recommended to use specialized underlayment seam tape if you don’t want to encounter any problems.

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