How Much Does B&Q Charge to Fit Laminate Flooring? (Explained)

B&Q offers a professional fitting service for laminate flooring that is quick and easy, but how affordable is it? How much do they charge, and is it worth it?

B&Q charges for installing Laminate flooring starting at £500 for a small-sized 4m² room and going up to £2500 for a large-sized room of 40m². This price will not accommodate the cost of labor and material.

Why not let a company handle all the hassle of installing your brand new Laminate flooring? But would this be possible without having to pay a small fortune? Let’s find out, shall we?  

What Is B&Q and What Do They Do?

B&Q is the UK’s leading home improvement and garden living retailer. It has been instrumental in ensuring customers have access to smarter homes and has satisfied customers since 1969. 

While the way you live, use your home, and shop has changed in the last couple of decades, the basics of home improvement have not. Consequently, the company strives to ensure that your home is a source of comfort for you and reflects practicality. It works hard so that you do not have to when it comes to maintaining your home. 

What Is B&Q laminate flooring fitting cost?

The fitting cost of laminate flooring from B&Q may vary based on the material needed to fit your space, as well as the size of the space itself. It may also depend on the quality of laminate panels you have chosen to install.

If you have a small room that measures around 4m by 3m, then the cost of installation could start from £500 and go as high as £1500. In addition, this price will not accommodate the cost of labor and material.

On the other hand, if you have a medium-sized space, which measures a total of 20m2, the prices will start at £1000 and go to £2500. The final budget will further be affected due to labor costs, as well as the length of time taken for the installation. 

Lastly, if you have a large-sized room of 40m2, you can expect the starting prices to be somewhere around £1120.

The good thing about B&Q is that it offers free delivery, should you order flooring exceeding £500.

What Is The Average Cost of Fitting Laminate Flooring?

Most experts installing laminate flooring in homes charge somewhere between £400 and £1000, be it L-shaped, H-Pattern, or Herrinborn pattern. However, these are not absolute numbers as the installation cost can vary based on the kind of laminate chosen and the space size. 

While a small-sized room will incur average costs of £170 to £320, a medium-sized room will cost £270 to £500, while a room of large size will result in installation costs of £430 to £800.

All the aforementioned prices have been deemed to be cheap, given that laminate flooring is a relatively reasonable type of flooring. Simply put, it does not cost an arm and a leg to install laminate floorboards and reap their many benefits.

Is B&Q Expensive For Fitting Laminate Flooring?

Yes, B&Q is comparatively expensive as compared to the average laminate flooring installation business. However, once they are done with the process, you will feel the difference in your home. The company is well-known for the impeccable and high quality of its work, which is reflected by the experienced professionals it sends to your home.

How Does B&Q Install Laminate?

Below are several steps that will give you in-depth insight into how B&Q installs laminate flooring in homes.

Step One

The first thing that the professionals from B&Q do is check that your floor is dry, healthy, clean, and level.

Step Two

Next, they use a flooring calculator to determine just how many laminate planks will be required for your space. 

Step 3

If you have a concrete sub-floor, the B&Q professionals will install a damp-proof membrane to ensure moisture protection. The underlay will further aid in thermal and acoustic insulation. 

Step Four

Now, they will place the first laminate board on the left and ensure that the tongue faces the wall. The professionals will also insert spacers as they go, especially in places where the boards are interlocked.

Step Five

Next, they will position another board next to the first one, with their tongues at an angle of 30 degrees. If the laminate flooring has a drop lock, it will lock into place as soon as the sound of a click is heard. Eventually, they will make their way towards the end of this row and cut the last panel to fit.

Step Six

If the experts are going to use a panel saw to cut the laminate boards, they will secure them in a workbench using clamps. Then, they will ensure its faces up before starting the sawing.

Since these are trained professionals, they will also keep in mind that the pressure of the saw will only be applied in downward strokes. Whenever they start to pull the saw back, they will make sure that it does not come close to the uncut section. 

Similarly, if B&Q workers use a miter saw, they will position the board on a flat, sturdy surface and clamp it down. Next, they will decide and then fix the angle at which the cut is needed and gradually let go of the saw. If they are trimming longboards, the boards will be placed, so they are secured and don’t fall during the trimming. 

Step Seven

Now, the highly trained professionals will cut the floorboards down to size to fit in the last row. This will be done by placing them directly over the previous row, one at a time. Consequently, the panels will be secured in place with the help of a reusable tack, while the third board is aligned with its tongue towards the spacers or skirting board.

The edge of this very board will be used to make a mark with a pencil on the cutting board below. To ensure that there is no damage to your work and it has no flaws at the end, the B&Q experts will cut the laminate panels one by one. 

Once they are through the trimming, the boards will be slotted. 

Step Eight

If you have any radiator pipes in your given space, then the workers will seek to cut a laminate floorboard that fits around them. Thus, they will use a profile to adequately copy the exact shape of the pipe, which will then be traced onto a panel. 

Step Nine

Next, they will clamp the laminate plank onto a workbench and proceed to drill it down with a power drill of 30 or 32mm. Once this task is complete, you will see a finished hole present in the board in the position of the pipe.

Step Ten

After the hole, the professionals will move on towards drawing two lines, connecting the board’s edge to the hole. Each will be kept at a slight angle that faces outside. 

Step Eleven

Since these are trained and experienced workers, they will neatly trim along the lines of the pencil using a jigsaw and ensure that the cut is of a wedged shape. 

Step Twelve

The B&Q professionals will then place the laminate board in the position that it’s supposed to go in and use wood adhesive to secure it. They will immediately remove any excess glue left behind and take appropriate measures to conceal the expansion hole. 

Step Thirteen

One of the last things that the experts will do is to apply adhesive to the backside of the trim of your laminate floorboards. These will make them stick to the skirting board rather than the subfloor or the underlayment. Thus, the floorboards will have ample room to contract and expand with temperature changes. 

What Are The Alternatives To B&Q For Laminate Flooring Installation?

If you don’t want to have B&Q do the laminate installation in your home, you can always opt for another business. These include Richwood Flooring and Flooring First. However, if you are searching for an alternative to laminate flooring completely, you can choose to install luxury vinyl tiles, or LVT, in your home.

These offer flooring designs of the topmost quality and don’t come with the high cost usually charged for natural materials. 


How Much Should It Cost to Install Laminate Flooring?

An average local laminate flooring installation service will cost you around £170 to £800. But remember that this number does not include the cost of labor or materials and can vary significantly based on several factors. These may be the type of laminate you choose and the time taken for the fitting.

Does B&Q Fit Laminate Flooring?

Yes, B&Q offers seamless services for the installation of laminate floorboards. It prides itself on bringing your ideas to life with the help of clever solutions and expert support. It has fewer than 40,000 products placed in 300 stores, including a wide range of selections for laminate panels. 

How Many Packs of Flooring Do I Need B&Q?

To figure out how much flooring you will need for your space, you can use the calculator that they offer. It will give you a number based on the total surface area of your space. 

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