How Much Can a Drywall Screw Hold? (All You Need To Know)

As any home improvement enthusiast knows, drywall screws are essential for hanging everything from pictures to shelves. But how much weight can these small screws actually hold? 

Drywall screws can hold 10 pounds tops compared to normal ones, which are rated for 100. They’re not designed to hold weight without an anchor and may damage your drywall since it’s made out of extremely brittle material.

If you’re thinking of using Drywall screws to hang heavier items, you might want to hold on to that thought. Depending on the size and weight of your object—Drywall screws might not be enough.

Can Drywall Screws Hold Weight?

There are different drywall screws available out there for different purposes, but holding a lot of weight is unfortunately not one of them. Drywall screws come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and designs. 

The Drywall Screw, similar to nails, is a unique screw that normally does not have the capability to help hold items but mostly only works as a fastener for installing drywalls. Even though you could technically use it to hang your new frame, it’s not what they’re for. 

If you hang too much weight over a drywall screw by any chance, it most likely will not hold and damage your drywall in the process or even worse when they’ve rusted.

There are many other ways to use drywall screws, but they’re most commonly used for internal construction instead of interior design or decoration. Here are some common uses: 

  • Hanging drywall sheets
  • Clean up
  • Floor repairs
  • Space planks or wooden boards
  • Piloting a new hole 

How Much Weight Can A Typical Drywall Screw Hold?

On average, a typical drywall screw can hold up to 10 pounds. I know this may sound tempting because you might have an item that is exactly that heavy, but I would still not advise you to use it for that purpose instead, go for Drywall anchors, which technically should be able to hold a shelf

It’s noteworthy to mention that drywall sheets are not known for their exceptional strength. In fact, they are extremely brittle materials as these panels are made of paper and gypsum. So, using an anchor would be a much safer bet.

Are Drywall Screws Strong?

They are of exceptional strength if used for their actual purpose (hanging drywall sheets). However, unlike other types of wood screws, drywall screws are slightly thinner and as strong.

Most builders use drywall screws for a lot of purposes. This is because these tools are affordable and feature a relatively flat head. Due to their flat head, drywall screws are less prone to getting pulled through the wood. Moreover, they are quite thin, so they won’t split the wood like normal wood screws.

That being said, you can never compare drywall screws to normal construction screws in terms of strength. While a drywall screw can hold up to 10 pounds, normal screws are known to carry up to 100 pounds, depending upon their type and quality.

Moreover, several factors can affect the strength of a screw, such as the way it was inserted, the quality of the screw, the type of the thread, the size of the screw, and the thickness of the screw.

Things That Drywall Screws Can Hold And Things To Avoid:

To simplify, you should never put much weight on your drywall screws unless you use drywall anchors. This applies even to Hanging a frame.

On average, these screws can only hold up to 10 pounds of weight. However, with an anchor, you’ll be able to increase the weight limit.

You can use different anchors to hang items on drywall, including self-drilling anchors on wood, toggle bolts, molly bolts, expanding plastic sleeves, and picture frame hangers with a nail. The following table will help you determine which anchor you should use to hang certain items on drywall:

Anchor TypeMax. Weight LimitBest For
Self-Drilling Anchors75 lbs.All-purpose artwork, mirrors, heavy frames
Toggle Bolt50 lbs.Frames, mirrors, artwork, racks, shelving
Molly Bolt50 lbs.Mirrors, heavy frames, shelving
Expanding Plastic Sleeves25 lbs.Light shelving, mirrors, heavy picture frame
Picture Frame Hanger with nail20 lbs.Flat artwork, mirrors, and light picture frames

Best Alternative To Drywall Screws.

Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives to drywall screws available out there. Each and every alternative has something unique to offer. While some are known for their budget-friendly price tags, others are way stronger than drywall screws.

To help you out, below, we have compiled a list of some of the best alternatives to drywall screws that you can use to hang different items on your wall:

Self-Drilling Screws

When it comes to the best alternative to drywall screws, no other tool can beat the self-drilling screws. These screws have the same design features as a cutting tool or a drill bit. These screws don’t require a pilot hole to perform as a fastener. 

You can use self-drilling screws for all sorts of tasks, including hanging clocks and pictures on drywall. as the screw is fastened, the flange on the anchor inflates to hug your drywall, preventing it from breaking apart.

Drywall Anchors

If you must use drywall screws, you can use drywall anchors to protect your wall. These anchors are available in a wide range of thicknesses, fastener sizes, and brands – normally supporting up to 100 lbs. of weight.

Drywall anchors are strong enough to hold large picture frames, towel racks, mirrors, and much more. You can even use them on the ceiling to carry flower baskets. The cost of these tools depends on your selected type and its quality. 

Toggle Anchors

Conventional toggle bolts are known for their budget-friendly price tag and convenience. However, they cannot hold much weight unless you use toggle anchors. With toggle anchors, you can hang a TV and even go up to 235 lbs. of weight on any surface.

You can use toggle anchors on concrete blocks or drywall sheets. These are perfect for you if you want to hang huge weight on your wall without damaging the item or the drywall.

Picture Hangers

Now, picture handers are the best pick for you if you want to hang a picture frame on your drywall. As these tools are specially designed for picture frames, you cannot go wrong. These easy-to-use tools can hold up to 100 lbs. of weight. However, we suggest using them only to hang pictures or lightweight mirrors.

Concrete Anchors

Last but not least, we have the concrete anchor. This one is for you if you have block walls or poured concrete in your basement. Concrete anchors are probably the most sturdy and strong tools available out there for hanging on masonry.

You can use these anchors to hang pictures, shelves, TV, and much more. They are a little expensive compared to drywall screws. However, due to their unbeatable strength, these anchors are worth every single penny!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs:

How Much Weight Can A Drywall Screw Hold In Wood?

Drywall screws are quite thin compared to other screws. So, they cannot hold much weight even on a wooden surface. A typical drywall screw can only hold up to 10 lbs. of weight whether you use it on drywall or wood.

How Much Weight Can Plastic Drywall Anchors Hold?

Well, the answer to this question depends upon your select tool. A lightweight plastic drywall anchor can hold up to 15 pounds of weight in ideal conditions. However, if you are using strong bolts with your drywall anchor, it might be able to support up to 200 pounds of weight.

How Much Weight Can Drywall Hold?

There are different kinds of drywall sheets available out there. While a regular drywall sheet is made of gypsum and two sheets of paper, concrete board drywall also contains concrete. Therefore, when it comes to the weight limit, no two drywall types are the same.

Generally speaking, regular drywall can hold up to 1.2 lbs. of weight per square foot. However, if you use high-performance anchors and tools, a drywall sheet can hold up to 50 pounds easily. You should never use drywall screws to hang that kind of weight on your wall. Otherwise, your drywall might flake and break apart.

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