Does Lowes Install Vinyl Flooring?

Many people choose do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to save money on home repairs or renovations. However, some jobs are better left to the professionals. Installing vinyl flooring is one of those projects. If you’re considering installing vinyl flooring in your home, you’re probably wondering if Lowes offers installation services.

Does Lowes Install Vinyl Flooring?

Lowes offers vinyl flooring installation for their clients. This service comes in the form of multiple package options. With a vinyl flooring purchase, you can ensure your installation is done correctly and have the best value for your money. They have an attractive extensive labor warranty that offers a year’s protection for the initial installation and repairs that resonates excellently with every client. 

How Do I Get a Quote From Lowes?

Lowes has many communication channels that ensure you receive feedback as soon as possible. They have a short process that ensures you have an accurate quote and that you can select the best financing option based on that. Here is the procedure followed to get your quote and begin the installation process;

Step#1. Selecting the right Vinyl Flooring

Lowes have many vinyl flooring options to ensure every client can get one that resonates well with their home or intended place for installation. Their samples are available on their website or in any physical stores, and a professional will help you settle on the right one based on our demands. 

Step #2. Getting a professional measurement

The installation size also plays a role in the final amount on your quote, and you can get a professional measurement from Lowe’s experts. You can schedule this at your earliest convenience, and the experts will come in with the tools to measure the entire area. Additionally, you can select an independent installer for the measurement and deliver it to Lowes. 

Step#3. Receiving a Quote

Once the measurements have been captured and the vinyl floor type selected, our team will make a quote for you. This will include costs for everything needed for the installation, including labor and other professional services. If required, you can inquire about a financing option, and our experts will ensure you have the best deals and value for your money. 

Importantly, if you have any concerns regarding the quote and installation process, you can contact us, and we will answer them gladly. You can make changes to the quote, including choosing an independent installer, and our experts will capture this on the quote. 

How Does Lowes Install Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Lowes has professional experts who will guide you through the installation process, including the acclimation or the settling of your vinyl flooring. They follow a strict installation process that ensures it is completed in the shortest time and that you can proceed to use your floors as soon as possible. This is how Lowes does it;

Step #1. Taking Measurements

The first step involves measuring the areas where the installation will be done and accounting for additional spaces. Indeed, accurate measurements ensure they don’t make an incorrect installation and leave some areas uncovered. Lowes includes an extra amount on their measures to account for minor measurement errors, especially with expansions and other unforeseen challenges. 

Step #2. Clearing any old debris from the installation surface

If you install a new vinyl surface, this step will be simpler than replacing an older flooring. First, remove every item from the surface to ensure where you want to install the new vinyl plank flooring. 

It ensures the installers have enough room and that they can make correct measurements in the process. Secondly, they will remove any trims from the edges of the walls to create enough space for the installation, ensuring every corner of the room is covered by the new vinyl installation. 

Step #3. Removing the previously installed flooring surfaces

This is a primary step when they are replacing the existing flooring surface. It’s advised to install new vinyl plank flooring on an old one; thus, this is an essential step in the vinyl installation by Lowes.

The installers will remove any strips that held the previous flooring in place before proceeding to the subflooring. This base helps keep the vinyl flooring in place, and with a new installation, it should remain well installed. This is a labor-intensive process, and Lowes has experts and tools to make this process accurate and fast. 

Stud finders and metal trowels will come in handy while locating nails and other staples holding the subfloor in place. Lowes has the perfect chemicals to remove even the best adhesives from the surface, and these lab-tested solutions ensure Lowes can remove the adhesives without causing corrosion or scratches on your floors. They can finally proceed to the fourth step.

Step #4. Making paper templates

Although measurements have been obtained, additional steps are taken to ensure they are accurate, especially for corners and edges. This step by Lowes is vital in the installation process and involves cutting paper templates corresponding to the areas where the vinyl plank flooring should be installed. 

Lowes will cut these large strips, including all corners and edges, and use multiple paper templates for the best results. These paper templates will be used to cut the vinyl flooring before being used to cover the entire floor. Lowe’s installers will perform these measurements in batches for accuracy if the installation is in a large room. 

Step#5. Settling on the vinyl plank patterns

The vinyl installed is one selected previously by the client, and the installers will determine the right pattern of the vinyl planks. Getting an overview of the vinyl patterns ensures they are installed correctly and they have the easiest way to achieve the perfect rows lineup.

Installers can also use chalk lines to capture the areas for installation, which helps achieve the desired symmetry. They can now proceed to glue application and other installation processes. 

Step#6. Vinyl application for the planks

This step helps Lowes installers to determine the type of vinyl to use in this process, and they will settle between the glue down and the self-stick options. They will proceed with gluing down once they decide on the right choice, and the vinyl flooring glue will be applied carefully to capture every inch of the installation floor. 

The installers will begin from the corners and follow a strict pattern to ensure no spots are missed since this will make the installed planks lose. They will also ensure no air bubbles are trapped within the glue, and they will have dump rags to prevent smears.

Step #7. Laying and pressing the vinyl planks

Once the glue is applied, the next step involves laying the planks correctly as per their measurements. They will ensure every area is covered and select the correct pressing item depending on the installation area. 

Lowes has rollers and other similarly heavy items to ensure the planks are firmly in place, ensuring your flooring remains strongly in place. The new vinyl will be pressed gently to prevent cracking or trapping air spaces in the process, and installers have the know-how to achieve this.

Step #8. Cleaning up and checking on the drying

The final process involves checking that the vinyl is installed correctly and that the glue has dried as required. Lowes installers will clean up any debris and smears from the installation, thus protecting the floor from water damage and making it ready for use. 

Indeed, Lowes has professionals who will guide you through the cleaning process to ensure the vinyl flooring remains durable for longer. Additionally, they have multiple cleaning solutions that protect your new flooring from water damage or other unrecommended options. 

How Much Does Lowes Charge to Install Laminate Flooring?

The installation will depend on the size of the area, and Lowes ensures you remain within your budget and get the best value for your money. The laminate flooring option selected will also play a role in the final prices, and Lowes charges between $2 and $8 per square foot. 

If you install laminate flooring on a vast surface, you can get a discount, keeping the costs low. The final prices will be reflected on their quote once their experts evaluate every installation requirement. 

Does Lowes Offer Free Flooring Installation? If so, When?

Lowes rarely offer free installation, and if you want to save money while still getting their professional services, you request a discount. Additionally, they can help you set up a reliable installer who will be within your budget. 

Their free installation is often for new clients who need flooring installations in small areas, especially in homes. Additionally, they usually have promotions throughout the year for their services. You can look through their website as often as possible to ensure you don’t miss out on these great opportunities. 

How Much Time Does it take for Lowes to Install Vinyl Flooring?

Various matters come into play throughout the installation process, affecting the final timelines before your installation is complete. The first steps before settling on the installation dates will heavily depend on the homeowner, and you can push through them as fast as desired. 

Firstly, selecting the preferred vinyl flooring is up to the homeowner, and you can take as much time as you want, which will also count towards the installation timelines. Lowes will deliver a quote for the installation works within three business days from getting professional measurements, and you can decide on your most convenient installation date. 

Finally, the average home vinyl flooring installation takes about a week. This will also depend on the house size and often vary with houses with bigger square footage taking longer. Additionally, industrial or bigger surfaces can take up to a fortnight for the full installation. 

Does Lowes Remove Old Flooring?

Yes, Lowes offers these services before they begin installing a new vinyl floor. It will affect the installation timelines and also reflect on your final quote. They have professionally created solutions to ensure the old flooring is removed without causing ripping or scratch marks on the floor. 

Importantly, they have the right tools for every old floor removal process. If you don’t have any experience uninstalling old flooring, it is most advisable to get their professional services as it guarantees excellent value for your money. 

Is it Cheaper to Hire Another Company?

The average floor installation cost in the country ranges from $2400 to $9800, depending on the area and the type of vinyl flooring selected. Settling for another installation company is an important consideration to ensure you have the best value for your money, and it could bring the final costs to as low as $4000. 

The prices often depend on the experience level, professionalism, and other after-installation services the company offers, and Lowes has many. Their labor warranty is factored into their pricing, ensuring you have year protection after installation. 

Their installers are licensed to offer these services and will have answers t every concern you have regarding this process. Although it might be cheaper to select another installation company, you will miss out on many services Lowes offers. Since Lowes charges between $2 and $8 per square foot, you can also select their impressive financing options that many other alternatives don’t provide. 


Does Home Depot Install Vinyl Flooring?

Home Depot has insured and licensed professional installers, and you can get their services with or without purchasing vinyl flooring from them. Their installation is fast, reliable, and efficient, and their lower quotes make them one of the biggest vinyl flooring installers in the country. 

Home Depot Vinyl Flooring Installation Cost

Their installation cost depends on the size, services needed, and selected vinyl flooring type. Their prices range from $2 to $10  per square foot and could cost up to $5000 for the average home. You can contact them to inquire about their services and get a quote if needed. 

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