Can Drywall Anchors Hold A TV Mount?

You’ve just bought a new flat-screen TV, and you can’t wait to mount it on the wall. But before you grab your drill and start putting holes in the Drywall, you need to ensure that your Drywall anchors can handle the weight.

A Drywall anchor can hold a 50-pound TV when installed correctly and using a special design anchor with a hollow design. Anchors have different weight specifications and can hold up to 100 pounds, which is the maximum weight a regular Drywall can hold.

Not all anchors are created equal, and using the wrong type could result in your TV crashing to the ground. So, what kind of anchor should you use to mount your TV? And how do you properly mount a TV on a wall with Drywall brackets?

Will Drywall Anchors Hold A Tv?

Unlike nails, Drywall anchors can hold many things, including most TVs. An anchor will hold it quite well if the TV is not too heavy. Drywall anchors and bolts remain the gold standard for fastening TV to Drywall. For TVs, you’ll need a special type of anchor with a hollow design that looks like a regular screw with a toggle. 

If you install your drywall anchor securely, it’ll stay in place for a very long time but note that all anchors have weight limits even if you use them on wood or plaster; if you exceed the limit, the anchor will come under tremendous strain and give way. Be clear about the weight capacity of an anchor before you install it into your Drywall.

How Much Weight Can Drywall Anchors Hold?

Anchors have different weight specifications. Traditional toggle bolts and anchors can hold up to 50 pounds. As for anchors made of steel, they can hold up to 100 pounds of weight. However, you should also consider the weight capacity of your Drywall. If you mount a heavy Tv on a suitable anchor to the detriment of the Drywall, the excess weight may ruin it.

How Big A TV Can You Mount On Drywall Anchor?

The size of the TV is not really the issue, but the weight is; some TVs are heavier than others despite being smaller. However, based on conventional TV set sizes, a standard drywall anchor can hold the weight of a 55-inch TV. If you use a mounting bracket, the TV will be more secure. Any TV heavier than a standard 55-inch TV should not be mounted to a drywall anchor; otherwise, you risk potential crashes. 

Due to the weight, the anchor may begin to lag without your knowledge. If left uncorrected, the anchor will give way, and your TV will crash to the ground. Any size of 55 inches and below is fine.

How Do You Mount A TV On A Wall With Drywall Brackets?

If you want to mount a Tv on Drywall with brackets, kindly follow these steps meticulously.

Pick Your Spot

The first step is to pick your spot. Picking the right spot is important in the short and long run. Once you have identified a good spot for the Tv on the Drywall, use masking tape to mark the area. You can mark the spot in four corners, then run the tape across the area to form a square. We recommend the type of tape painters use because they don’t come off easily and will not damage your Drywall.

When picking a spot, consider a central location without any obstructions. Let your sitting arrangement serve as a guide in deciding on the best angle. Also, make sure that

  • The spot is not more than 42 inches from the floor
  • There is enough access to cable outlets and power
  • The spot is not close to doorways and cabinets

You should also have another pair of hands to help you with the lifting when it’s time to mount the TV on the anchor.

Mount The Studs

The next step is to mount the studs for the TV. To do this correctly, use the stud finder to find the adjacent studs in the marked spot. There are often two studs; once you find them, use a pencil to mark the spot at the appropriate height. Now move back to see if the stud marks you have made are the same level or height on either side. The height must align.

If the studs don’t align with the spot you want to mount the TV, you may have to do without studs and make do with other fasteners like bolts instead.

Mark The Holes

Hold the TV mount in place and mark the holes against the Drywall. Notice how the connecting part has multiple holes at the top and bottom; just make sure the mount is exactly level on both sides before you mark the holes. After doing that, take the mount off, stand back and see if the marks are level; if they are not, do the marking again. Make sure you line up at least two holes for each stud for a secure mount.

Drill The Holes

Use a 1/8 drill bit to drill holes in the marked spots with your marks in place and clearly visible. Ensure your hand is stable, so you don’t drill beyond the markings. Hold it horizontal and drill each mark carefully until the holes open up. 

Note: it’s always best to drill the holes first before attaching the TV mount, not after. Attaching the TV mount first may cause your Drywall to split if it breaks. If you are using metal studs, use a special drill for metal, not one for wood; otherwise, the metal could break the bit.

Screw The Mount

After drilling the holes with your drill, attach the TV mount and screw it tight with a screwdriver. Ensure the mount is positioned correctly with all the holes in sight as you attach the screws one after the other. Screw each one loosely until you complete the set, then tighten each one properly.

Hang The Bracket

Now that the TV mount is in place, now is the time to hang the bracket. Use the bracket hooks to hang them at the back of the wall mount you have installed. Please ensure the bracket is sturdy, then gently lift the TV and position it into the hooks on top of that mount. If your TV is big, you should enlist a second hand to help with that lifting and installation.

Once the TV is resting on the mount, check to see if it’s level. If it’s not, grab it by the side and adjust, but if it doesn’t move, you may have to loosen the screws a little as they may be too tight.

Note: Getting your markings right is important if you want your TV to be level on both sides and at a suitable height. For a visual demonstration of how your TV on a drywall bracket, watch this video below:


Will Drywall Anchors Hold A 65-inch Tv?

A 65 inches television is too heavy for a drywall anchor. The most a drywall anchor can hold is a 55-inch TV. If your TV is heavier than 55 inches, we recommend using a toggle bolt instead of an anchor. Toggle bolts can handle more weight.

Will Multiple Drywall Anchors Hold More Weight?

Using multiple anchors will hold more weight, but this can create an entirely new problem. Using several anchors means you have to punch more holes into your Drywall, weakening it. Multiple holes will decrease the rating of your Drywall.

How much weight can 4 drywall anchors hold?

An average drywall anchor can hold up to 50lbs, so four anchors will hold 200 lbs.

What Are The Strongest Drywall Anchors?

The strongest drywall anchors are toggle bolts. They can hold up to 100 pounds but are not so easy to install. To install toggle bolts on your Drywall, you will need to drill bigger holes than normal.

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